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Specforce Abs – Please Read This Article Buying

SpecForce Abs Detailed Review

Specforce abs scam

Spec-Force Abs, is a unique downloadable ebook available on SpecForecAbs.com. The entire training program is based on abs training techniques used by the Special Forces. Here is a review of SpecForce Abs.

What is SpecForce Abs?

Spec-force Abs, is an ebook created to help both men & women get six pack abs and reduce belly fat using “Core Training Secrets” in just weeks. The training program relies on new adnominal training techniques instead of the traditional methods used like crunches and sit-ups which according to the creator, lead to potential injuries and pain and also make your look fatter. So what should you expect? SpecForce Abs promises to teach you 5 comprehensive abs training and exercising factors that help transform and change your body to achieve the results you want in a shorter time.

Who is behind SpecForce Abs Training?

SpecForce Abs is created by “Tactical-Fitness Expert”, Todd Lamb, an ex S.W.A.R.T team leader and a former SSF soldier serving in the Canadian Military. With years of experience in elite and tactical operations, Todd Lamb developed this ebook teaching core training methods to help you get those six packs abs and flat belly that you have always wanted. Let’s learn more and see what the new program offers.

How does it work?

SpecForce Abs teaches a number of different tricks, suggestions and tips on how to train your body and maximize the effects of abdominal training. For many years, abs training has always been based on same training routines. In this ebook, Todd Lamb discusses three dangerous abs-training mistakes that accelerate aging, cause possible back pain and a bulging pot-belly and serious damage to the disc. All these problems are as a result of performing traditional abs exercises.

Instead of relying on these traditional training techniques, SpecForce Abs relies on scientifically driven abs training techniques that give you the desired results three times faster. So, how does this training program work?

The 3 areas of action for rapid results

SpecForce Abs training focuses on three separate but critical parts of your abdominal muscles to help you get a more balanced core.

Rectus Abdominus: This is the lengthy muscle running from the rib cage to the pelvis. Its function is to stabilize your trunk and allow flexing of the spinal muscles.

The Obliques: These help you achieve a well defined and leaner waistline. They are the secret behind that great V-tapered look that makes you look more appealing.

The Posterior Chain: These are muscles on your back, lower back, erectors, hamstrings and butt. According to Todd, these muscles are what binds your entire core together.

A combination of exercises involving these 3 areas of core training is what makes SpecForce Abs system successful.

The 5 special force factors to get those six pack abs

Once you have understood the areas of focus in this training program, Todd Lamb explains the 5 special training techniques that are used to work those specific parts. Below is an overview of what you should expect.

Abdominal Armoring: This is a set of unique exercises that prepare your abdominal area to adjust for the next training stages. It focuses on helping your body create a layer of hard armor over your abdominal muscles or abs.

Asset Stacking: This involves tactical training that helps combine all the three separate muscle groups discussed above to make your abs strong and hard.

Fixed Angle Contraction: This training stage focuses on firing up as many muscles as possible to accelerate muscle development in shorter time.

TQ Work Ups: Helps you improve “Tissue Quality” or TQ to be ready to go further.

Strategic Target Selection: This last part of the tactical training is all about gaining optimal muscle fiber through abs activation technique called electromyography.

The entire SpecForce Abs training ebook is delivered to you in PDF form directly into your email after paying.

SpecForce Abs pricing

When it comes to pricing, Spec-Force Abs, is available at a significantly lower price than other exercise training programs. The ebook is currently available at $19 for 2000 people who take fast action today. That is a great offer considering the regular retail price is $49. All complete purchases have a 100% 60-day money back guarantee after which you can ask for a refund if you don’t get satisfactory or no results.

What is included?

There are a few bonuses offered with SpecForce Abs.

• The Fix and Flatten 7-Day Gut-Health Protocol: It teaches you how to lose that extra weight by fixing and optimizing your tract

• The Blue-Jeans Perfect-Butt Solution: Learn how to get a good-looking butt that looks perfect in jeans

Final take

SpecForce Abs offers you an alternative to traditional abs training exercises. Made by a tactical training expert, this affordable program seems to be the right pick if you wish or want to get those impressive abs.

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