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Who is John Rowley


Perhaps you have heard the name John Rowley mentioned and it has never occurred to you who this great person s. John Rowley is an author, coach and speaker with a passion and great talent for changing people’s lives. This has earned him the prestigious title of “America’s Lifestyle Strategist.”He has inspired many to become spiritually, mentally and physically fit.

John Rowley

John is continually recognized as top performance and fitness professional who regularly consults with athletes, celebrities and top business people to help them rejuvenate their bodies and ignite their purpose, passion and reach for excellence. He additionally has contributed to a number of convectional media including Smart Money, Fox News, Martha Stewart, and The Wall Street Journal.

Rowley is the author of the bestseller Old School New Body. This has seen him raise the ranks as a fitness expert and has changed the public’s perception on fitness. His current work that is also trending and has been well taken is the E-Factor Diet. This original and insightful creation is meant for those that are fighting with obesity.

The E-Factor Diet tries to underpin the body’s ability to respond to some food stuff. Some foods trigger a reaction that can result to weight gain, bloating, fatigue, and low metabolism. In the book he tries to point out that there some foods that people consider helpful in dieting but they produce such negative results. The time of the day that you eat your meals also largely affects the increase or decrease in the fat burning process. The book tries to offer lasting solutions to such problems.

The popularity of the E-Factor Dieter is majorly attributed to the author’s credibility, the accessibility of the eBook, and the effectiveness of the program. Many people are consistently looking for programs that will offer the best results without guesses. In this this book, john tries to use language that is accessible and that which the people trust.

The bottom line is John Rowley is an outrageous, motivational and inspirational person who has the best interest for all people. Despite your busy schedule, he always has a working plan to help you keep fit. The E-Factor Diet is one of those programs that you will surely love. If you have not tried it and you feel that obesity is catching up with you then this is your chance to try it. It has information on weight loss tips, a grocery guide, and a meal planning blueprint.

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