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Forward Head Posture Fix By Mike and Rick Program

Forward Head Posture Fix Review

Forward Head Posture Fix BookForward Head Posture Fix:These are crazy times to live in. We have amazing technology coming out every day, from self-driving cars to gesture-sensitive screens and smart home appliances. Life expectancy is better than ever: an average American born today is expected to live 10 years more than those born in 1980. Green, sustainable energy sources are not only being discussed, but also implemented at large. Overall, people are getting more conscious about the environment and their bodies, mental and physical health. So, where’s the catch?

forward Head Posture review Curiously enough, while life and health standards have seen major improvements, active lifestyles have become harder to achieve. Where does this come from? Well, go figure: in the majority of cases, from our work environments. Sedentary work has grown exponentially in the past decades – nowadays, an office job is far more common than tasks requiring us to move around. Plus, in many cases, the same technology that makes lots of things easier has a direct negative impact on our health. Most common case scenario? You’re right on the money: smartphones and other portable screens. Most common outcome? A condition known as Forward Head Posture’.

The Forward Head Posture (FHP) is a medical condition also known as texting neck’. Before mobile devices became ubiquitous, it was known as reading neck’, but let’s be honest: you didn’t see lots of people reading everywhere, every time. Phones, on the other hand, have contributed to the spread of FHP like oxygen to a fire: instead of powerful, straight-chest postures we’re getting to see more and more giraffe-like necks and curved backs. Sexy, ha?

Unfortunately, FHP is not just aboutimage or simple aesthetics: its consequences can be devastating for our health. Most serious outcomes can derive into headaches, insomnia, arthritis, sleep apnea, pinched nerves, decreased lung capacity, asthma and spine degeneration. As you may notice, not the best case scenarios. Plus, FHP often has an impact on self-confidence, which can lead to mood swings and other undesirable sensations.

Since FHP has become fairly common, several solutions also became available. Most crude cases require a visit to a series of doctors, often when pain is simply unbearable. Since prevention is always better than a cure, a good option is to try out Rick Kaselj’s Forward Head Posture Fix’. The FHP Fix is a program released by Rick Kaselj – kinesiologist and injury specialist – along with Mike Westerdal, a trainer and best-selling fitness author. Both experts – a true power duo’ – joined forces to craft an effective solution based on routine, or to be precise, a short exercise routine aimed at unravelling the neck muscles in order to improve posture, health and looks.

Routines, it must be said, require discipline from those who adopt them. Without a minimum of discipline it is hard to obtain results in anything, in disregard of what you’re getting into. This principle works the same way for the FHP Fix: it’s a healthy routine, and it requires a bit of willpower to get things done.

So far so good, but what about the routine? What’s this routine like? Well, to be fair, the routine can be taken as a relaxation exercise, particularly if you’re the sedentary-job type. It breaks down into breathing and mobility exercises, deep cervical flexor training, static stretching and posture training. All these bits come together to compose the (cool-sounding) Sequential Flow’ method, the core unit of the FHP Fix.

Visits to the doctor tend to be time consuming and, in many cases, expensive. If you’re not feeling like making that bold move, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything at all. Remind that it’s your body, not just a thingy. FHP Fix can act as a good initial approach to a better health status. Plus, it can also make you look better: no curved spine, but a fresh, straight position that will resonate within the people around you. The bright side is that FHP Fix is not an expensive one: you can get access to the exercises, tips and other exclusive material for just $9. At that price, it’s feels like a good deal, right?

Since it’s hard to foresee a future where work environments radically change their current sedentary nature and become more active places instead, prevention seems like the wise road to take. In this particular case, the long term consequences of common and unnoticed actions should be enough to make us consider new approaches. The FHP Fix can be a good initial approach: it’s available, reasonably priced and just a click away.

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