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Floatation Therapy in Melbourne, Australia

Floatation Therapy in Melbourne

Floatation therapy is a modern term for the 70’s and 80’s phenomenon of isolation tanks / sensory deprivation tanks. Originally adopted early by hippy culture, the treatment at the time involved spending time in a small water tank with 50% Epsom salt added, causing buoyancy of the human body.

Early tanks were often quite expensive, so lower cost, though more claustrophobic, tanks were very common during the 1980’s, however these early tanks never really made it into mainstream popularity, mainly due to a lack of scientific research. They did however come close, as a Simpsons episode featured early 1980’s floatation tanks in one of their episodes (see below):

Modern tanks have become much more advanced and spacious, while still expensive, they have been tailor made to suit business floatation methods primarily. The DreamPod V2 (https://www.dream-pod.com/the-dreampod/) is an example of a very popular floatation tank for commercial floatation centres to use, as it is superior at temperature control, sound proofing, ease of access in and out, spacious to float in at either end, and has been used in scientific studies which have helped to prove a wide range of health benefits which exist when taking part in regular floatation sessions.

Floatation over the last 10 years has demonstrated proven health benefits, primarily in significant stress reduction (after 3 initial weekly floats then follow up floats once per month), along with providing recovery benefits to athletes and body-builders post exercise, and benefits in people experiencing back pain due to conditions such as scoliosis, or back strain where muscular problems are primarily the problem.

During floatation, the body also absorbs a large amount of magnesium into the body. Magnesium is often difficult for the body to obtain in large amounts, and has benefits from muscular relaxation to reductions in the triggering and severity of allergies and associated symptoms.

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For in depth information on floatation benefits, the history of floatation, and what is involved in taking part in floatation tank therapy, please visit the following Floatation Therapy article at Adore Australia.

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