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All about Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique (REST Float Tanks)


Most of us know Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique or REST as floatation tanks, floatation therapy or sensory deprivation tanks, and most of you have already heard about the amazing benefits of float tanks, that ranges from improving concentration levels, heightening learning abilities, enhancing creativity, reducing stress, eliminating depression, assist in addiction control, supports rapid healing from injuries and the list goes on.

This creates a question relating to how such a simple contraption such as a tank filled with Epsom salt in high concentrations that blots out external stimuli is able to achieve so many things which are medically beneficial to us. For starters, let us start with the high concentration of Epsom salt that was initially meant to keep individuals a float while they lay in the tanks, well, that is not the only function that the high concentration of Epsom salt performs, as the Epsom salt also contains high levels of magnesium which seep through our skin and gets into our system, is this good?

Well, magnesium is one of the most vital minerals that our body needs for a variety of purposes and in general according to numerous studies, most people do not intake adequate amounts of magnesium. Magnesium plays a pivotal role as an essential enzyme co-factors that regulates more reactions in our biological constructs compared to any other mineral apart from being responsible for two of the most vital cellular level tasks which are the efficient production of energy and cellular reproduction.

Magnesium just like most other minerals are absorbed into our biological system and circulated in ‘ion form’ throughout our body via the bloodstream. When there is sufficient magnesium in our bodies our cells are able to perform routine tasks such as building hormones, cell maintenance and as well as movement of all our interconnected joints more efficiently and effectively. Once it makes its run the magnesium is sieved by the kidneys and excreted which means that this particular mineral must be supplied continuously to our bodies on a daily basis.

In the event that we don’t take adequate amounts of magnesium our bodies will extract magnesium from our bones which is definitely not a good thing. According to medical professionals magnesium deficiency contributes towards bones that are unhealthy due to loss of calcium from the bone. Apart from that when our bodies operate with magnesium deficiency; our entire biological functions are disrupted creating issues that subsequently reverberate throughout our entire system. Now that we have the ‘magnesium factor’ explained, let us look into the other aspects of epsom salt filled floatation tanks / float pods that makes it work for anybody and everybody!

When an individual is partially submerged in a floatation tank they are subjected to total sensory deprivation, shielded from external stimuli which includes gravity and this sends the brain into a deep rest mode and releases a tremendous amount of brain power to work magic throughout our body by rebalancing practically everything that is out of balance which include endorphin production, and limiting the production of cortisol and adrenaline which is vital towards stress reduction.

This ‘double action’ of eliminating external stimuli and making sufficient amounts of magnesium available for our system is thought to be the 2 primary drivers behind the wondrous results that come out of floatation tank sessions. Based on most findings, using float tanks as minimal as two times a week and spending 45 minutes on each session is sufficient enough to keep stress and depression issues at bay apart from enhancing most other bodily functions for the average person.

Coupled with the fact that floatation therapy is a cost effective method towards keeping health in check, it seems that the floatation tank is one of the best health maintenance activity that is currently available for just about everybody.




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